What drives D1 Sports.

D1 Sports will never be just a court or an arena. It’s a stage for challenges and successes. A forge of grit and creativity. A community of like-willed families, athletes, and coaches with an unbending belief in the importance of improvement and a true understanding of what each game truly is.
Winning at D1 Sports

Core Principles


Team sports are about being selfless. The extra pass, the high five and the floor dive represent the Get it Done attitude we celebrate.


How we play matters. The value of each game isn’t determined by the scoreboard. It’s determined by the character of the players in the game.


Talent is nothing without grit. Hard work transforms potential into performance.


Put your heart and soul into it. The game is never going to be a matter of life or death, but it’s always going to be a matter of love.


Every sport is meant to be a challenge. You may win. You may lose. Either way, being pushed is how you improve.


In sports, an adversary is not an enemy. When the final horn sounds, be the first to greet every opponent with a simple and sincere “Good game.