Grow Beyond Yourself

At D1 SPORTS we thrive when you thrive.  We succeed when you succeed.  Whatever your goals;  Whatever your dreams;  Whatever you set your mind to as an athlete.  D1’s number one priority is to help you GET IT DONE!


D-1 provides our Players the perfect balance between AAU & the YMCA.  We have Ultra-Competitive Leagues for serious Ballers & Excellent Entry Level Leagues for the Beginner, and the common thread that is woven between both is character building.


Our Officiating is Sound.  Our Referees are well trained, and promote a fair, safe, and positive playing atmosphere for our youth & adults.


The Coaches at D1 Sports serve to both motivate and mentor.  Their purpose is to see each player and team reach their full potential at every age and stage of their athletic journey.  D1 provides the tools necessary for our Coaches to model a positive youth sports culture.

Camps & Training

At D1 Sports, our goal is for everyone walking through our doors – including ourselves – to challenge themselves to grow both physically and mentally and ultimately conquer challenges with practice, grit and support on the court, on the field or both.

Upcoming Camps: June 2022

D1 Sports Development Summer Camps

Hone your skills during the summer season by attending one – or all – of the D1 Sports Development Summer Camps.

D1 Sports FUNdamental Skills Training

In sports, the little things impact development and success. Our FUNdamental Skills Trainings are designed to improve on the fundamentals to allow athletes to skillfully add creativity to their game

D1 Sports Development Camps

Continue building your skills throughout the year with D1 Sports Development Camps starting August 2021.